Wood has always been the central focus of SAYERLACKís Research and Development team. 35 professionals in the central Pianoro lab and 20 in decentralized labs worldwide, work relentlessly toward one goal: formulate new products to protect timber from weather, to preserve it from wear and to improve its aesthetic appearance. All of this is done with complete respect for the environment and the aim of extending the life of the treated wood.
The SAYERLACK lab has over the years yielded many high quality products helping to make SAYERLACK the brand professionals turn to for the highest quality in wood coating.

The R&D organization is composed of several teams, where chemists, researchers and analysts carry out their individual tasks with strong mutual cooperation and interaction. The main R&D areas are:
1) raw materials and resins
2) coatings, stains and preservation agents
3) quality control of raw materials and finished product

Innovation today, guarantees the success of our customers tomorrow - faster, more efficient wood coatings, with longer durability, less solvents, more resistance, and more flexibility in application! These are just some of the goals that the SAYERLACK research and development team set itself-striving constantly to be the best, while building on the successes of the past.


Since 1954, Sayerlack has been providing the most innovative and highest quality finishes for wood. Committed to research, developing new technologies, and expanding production capabilities, Sayerlack has quickly become on of the largest producers of wood coatings in Europe.

In 1987, Sayerlack joined the Hickson International Group, becoming Hickson Coatings in 1993. In July 2000, Hickson International was acquired by Arch Chemicals Inc. and Sayerlack became the core of Arch Coatings.

In 2010, The Sherwin-Williams Company aquired Sayerlack with the Coatings Division of Arch Chemicals, Inc. The combined excellence and geographic breadth of the The Sherwin-Williams Company and Sayerlack creates a global leader of wood finishes.

The professionals of the central laboratory in Pianoro (Italy) and those located in France, Spain, UK, supported globally by Sherwin-Williams' technological know-how, work with the aim of creating products that protect wood from weather and time, enhancing its natural beauty.

The brand Sayerlack is synonymous of the highest quality and represents a landmark for the professionals of the wood coating.